Six Great Reasons Why You Really Should Take Your Children to the Zoo

Many people look at zoos as prisons for animals and refuse to take their children to them. However, this really is a minimalistic way of looking at things. Zoos do a lot of great conservation work and can be extremely beneficial to children. Don’t believe me? Well, below I will discuss how a trip to the zoo can benefit your child. Hopefully, by the end of this article I will have been able to help you see zoos in a better light.


The Zoo Brings Book Characters to Life

Us older folk have forgotten what it is like to see something for the very first time, but for little ones each experience is a new one. Bringing your children to the zoo allows you to see the child-like wonder in their little eyes as they see characters from their picture books for the very first time. Living animals are amazing, so let yourself and your children be awed by them.

They Allow You to See Exotic Animals without Having to Travel too Far

Before going to the zoo for the first time, exotic animals are just pictures to children. They will find out that giraffes are actually not small enough to fit on a television. Zoos are biodiverse and bring the natural world to your child’s fingertips. If it quite expensive to go to India to see elephants or to go on a safari in Africa to see the King of the Jungle, so if you cannot afford it, just take your children to the closest zoo.

They Get Your Kids Away from Some Screens for a Day

Visiting the zoo as a child is something that we all remember. Instead if seeing everything through a phone or television screen, a zoo gives first-hand experience. Taking your children to the zoo enables them to experience nature without any filters. They can run around, feed the ducks, and be amazed by the array of different animals that they come across. Learning via exploring is what being a child is about.

A Zoo is a Living Museum

Many people are not aware of the fact that one animal species goes extinct every five minutes or so. This is where the zoo comes into play. They help to teach kids about the importance of animal care and conservation. Zoos get a lot of criticism, but you cannot realistically deny the fact that zoos are vital for preservation and protection.


They Can Teach Your Kid Some New Words

Books are great for learning, but so is life. Zoos can help to improve your kid’s vocabulary. For instance, they will learn about words such as conservation and camouflage. It is also a chance for your child to physically create links between words and the creature. Children can learn a lot from the zookeepers that spend a lot of time with the animals.

It Encourages Kids to Care

Getting your children to love nature ensure that they become more compassionate about the world that is around them. Zoos will help children to show empathy towards animals, teach them how important it is to handle animals with care, and inform them that it is important to look after the environment as dropping litter on the floor can endanger the lives of any animals in the vicinity.